Revenue Generation

Dollar SignImagine having enough self generated revenue coming in to cover all your expenses?  Would that be something you could live with?  

Certainly there are numerous ways to increase your revenue streams other than by simply going back to your existing customers/clients and asking for more.  

But is your organization really willing to make the appropriate investments in terms of time, money, training and goodwill to make that happen?  The options are there if you are willing to look at things a little differently.


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Cost Containment

Arrow pointing downWhat does reducing organizational expenditures mean to you?  Is it just about reducing individual line item amounts and letting the chips fall where they may?  

Controlling the total amount (or percentage) you are spending is certainly a goal but the journey to that goal offers a great many possibilities for changing your organization for the better.  This is the time to look at better ways of doing what you do....and doing it for less.


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Operating Procedures Report Card



The Operatiing Procedures Report Card (OPRC) is a quick, easy and cost effective way to measure your staff's understanding of your operational P & P. The OPRC provides hard data about what they know and what they don't. Data that is critical when assessing staff, organizational risk and future steps.     

We start by testing how your employees, as a group, comprehend and interpret your procedures. 


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